Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Fun!

So today was a WONDERFUL Sunday :) The weather was hot. We went to Church then to Riverton to see baby Amara. It was fun to see Josh's family and play some Grand Theft Auto. I called home today and talked to Isabelle my sweet sweet niece.. When I told her we were coming at the end of the summer she said "I LOVE that!" SO it will be exciting to see her :) So as of right now, we are completely caught up on LOST.. waiting for the 5th season to start..hopefully it will make sense sometime soon. Heroes is our new fav..! So the 4th of July was fun, we went and watched fireworks with Paul and then lit off our own fireworks.. its funny how much stuff you can do with those things. So ours days pretty much consist of work and school these days, when were not there, we're at home or on Josh's bike! We went up the Canyon the other day and cooked Hot dogs... that was fun besides the fact that I burned my ankle on his bike :( But yea, its almost bed g'night to all my fans! (Becky:)

Our trip up the Canyon..

At Tibble Fork up AF Canyon


Becky said...

I am so your biggest fan:) Fun stuff, I love seeing what you're doing, it seems like we're not so far away!!

Joel, Sara, Landyn & Miles said...

I just saw that you have a blog. I never check that hotmail account and I was cleaning up looking for some old pictures and saw your email about your updated blog. So cute. It was fun having you over last week (even though I missed a majority of the party) I appreciate your help with the boys. :)

DaisyJ said...
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DaisyJ said...

Hey you didn't tell me you had a blog! Awesome! Now I can read all about you guys! ;) Looks like you're having fun- as all newlyweds should! Hey- nice wedding picutres- you must have had some awesome photographer! J/K
Love- Jody

Jen said...

Noel! Hey you, what a cute blog you have going on here! I was talking to your mom on Sunday and she mentioned it to me, so glad she shared it with me. It's fun seeing your pictures and reading what's been going on with you.
I just had to "awwwww!" when I read, "I can't imagine being with anyone more perfect for me." in one of your posts. I'm so happy for you.
I was really sad I missed your bridal shower here. Looks like you got some great wedding images.
Stop by my blog if you ever have the chance!