Thursday, October 30, 2008

Counting Our Blessings....

So today we are counting our blessings. Yesterday morning Josh was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident. Thankfully, Josh is okay... He walked away with a broken wrist and a few scratches. I guess a truck cut him off when he was on his way to work forcing him to slam on his breaks and fly off the bike @ 45 mph. It was quite scene, Josh said there was a firetruck, ambulance and police... the whole Sha-Bang :) SO I woke up afraid to see that I had missed 13 calls! (my phone was on silent) Couldn't believe it. So when I finally called him he was already at the hospital and ready for me to come pick him up. My poor baby! All I could think about all day was how if he wouldn't have been wearing exactly what he was (winter coat, jeans AND snowboarding pants, gloves, and a helmet) He could've been alot worse off. We just feel very blessed and grateful for what we have.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween scene #1

Our suuuper sweet pumpkins!

Obviously Josh made the cooler one. :) Hes just more creative than me. Mine is our apartment number !

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why does summer have to end? :(

Heyyyyy! So I have a feeling the warm days of this year will soon to be no more... So yesterday we decided to drive up the mountain and catch the beautiful colors before they die out. We went up to sundance first and walked around then we drove through the rest of the mountain. Last year we carved are initials in a tree so we found it again... the funny thing is, when we saw the tree.. we saw that the day we originally put it there was october 19th.. so that would be today! Almost exactly 1 year later. (That wasn't planned) But yea.. last night my friend Amanda and I decided to have some fun with Fiona and dressed her up in some jewelry.

Our Tree in 2007
Our Tree in 2008

Shes FABulous:)

Josh and I are getting WAY excited for halloween. We decided to be Mario and Luigi, and our costumes are pretty much finished.. so I'll post pics when we get them. Well I'm gonna go, we're gonna watch the ring... SPOOKY! ttyl

Halloween 2007

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My <3's>(that's Fiona wrapped up in the towel)

My Homemade chicken soup :) Delicious!

Random Fun with the Camera!

Sup' Baby?!?

Short but sweet.. Things with us are great! Just work and school... and work. Nope, not pregnant.. since that seems to be the 1st question everyone LOVES to ask :) But my bro and sis had a new baby!!! Janie Kate LaClaire!!
What a beautiful baby!! SO excited to meet her someday soon (Hopefully)