Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Upcoming Wedding...!

So with 40 LONG days left until the big day, both Josh and I are getting super anxious but feel very excited! We have the colors picked, the flowers, cake, and food figured out.. So thanks to my mom, a big load off of my shoulders. My dress is in the middle of alterations, and our invitations will be done tonight and ready to be addressed this week. We feel very blessed to have met each other and to feel the way we do. We know that it won't be super easy (as people LOVE to tell us) but we are both willing to work to be together and be happy. We're in the process of finding an apartment right now, something here in American Fork hopefully so we can be close to both of our jobs, we keep this updated on that. Well, I don't know who actually reads these but that is the "Skuddle-Bud" with Josh and I. :)