Thursday, July 3, 2008

Been Awhile....

So it will be 3 months on the 12th! Its been absolutely wonderful :) I can't imagine being with anyone more perfect for me. But putting the "gushy" stuff aside, Josh started school about a month ago at Stephens Henager College.. and hes really been enjoying it. Hes also working at a place called Foundation Systems Inc. where he does tech support for pharmacies. I will be hitting my 2 year mark at Home Depot in September... (definately feels longer) and I'm currently looking for a new job, I would like to do some time of clerical work.. So we'll see what happens :) We're planning a trip to MN from Aug 27th to Sept 1st and we're way excited..! I can't wait to show Josh the beautiful green of MN.. and also show him the dog-sized mosquitos! Josh's sister in law Jenn had a beautiful little baby on the 1st of July.

Amara Destiny Slagowski - Thats alot of letters.

We're looking forward to both Becky's and Sara having their babies as well! So that was a quick update on whatgs going on with us, I'll try to blog more :) Love you all and miss you! Happy 4th of July! (tomorrow)


Becky said...

Hey good to see ya on here!! You need to put more pictures on.